Monday, December 21, 2009

The Man Who Said I Can

This is a special blog for me to write. I'm both excited and full of admiration for Martin. The release of Torn From Normal has been a long journey, one I am honored to have taken beside him for most of the trip.

I don't believe I've ever met someone with more determination or more belief in the power of perserverance. He faced obstacles I would have crumbled beneath. Throughout the creation of Torn From Normal, he has always maintained his friendship with me. And I mean that. Friendships can sometimes call for maintenance and he never neglected this. I believe this spirit is what first captured my interest in his original manuscript--the spirit of understanding the importance of what may seem to others as an insignificant life.

Torn From Normal isn't simply a YA book meant to entertain. It's a study of the way society treats each other, written from the perspective two young men in very different situations and how they deal with the grief life often brings. For me, Torn From Normal is a very special story and I think it will be for many others as well.

Congratulations, Martin. Job well done!


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