Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mountain View, California??

No I'm not visiting California, at least not yet :-) What drives me crazy and I have to know, according to my sitemeter, every other day or so, somebody with the "Mountain View, California" location visits my blog. Whoever you are, you've been a loyal visitor and it kills me not knowing who you are. Comment or send me an email at would you? The least I can do is send you a free copy of Torn From Normal if you don't already have one.

Okay, with that out of the way I can move on and apologize for not updating my blog regularly. Among skiing a lot, I've been super busy at my shop. While Torn From Normal has been selling itself, I could have, and need to do a lot more to keep spiking sales.

I like to thank all my friends and everybody else for purchasing and reading Torn From Normal.

The book trailer is still very much part of my plan for 2010. I'm trying to work out a deal with someone who would be very helpful for the trailer, but, Hollywood moves slow and I need to be patient, (chewing nails..Argh)

After two months of publication, I'm more eager today, to bring you Torn From Normal on screen, and I'm working on that as well. Very hard you should know.


  1. I came across this when I did a Google search, trying to figure out why someone from Mountain View, California, visits my blog several times every day. How very odd that under "Labels" on your blog, you have "Ryan Kelley" - which happens to be my son's name. (I realize there are many Ryan Kelleys in the world, but it's still odd...) So do you have any idea what this Mountain View, California thing is all about?

  2. Ah ha!

  3. It's google's surveillance, I guess! The same happens to my blog; just few minutes after any new post and there they are... mountain view visitors...I thought they had more important things to do than fuss their noses on my necklaces...or they do really like them but are too proud to admit it by leaving a comment...Anyway...

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