Friday, July 31, 2009

Torn From Normal, recent reviews

Soon, very soon, you will be able to purchase Torn From Normal at Kindle and also as print. If you prefer a signed copy, you will need to contact me personal.
As I promised you, Torn From Normal is not just another novel. I am delighted to present to you two recent reviews. Would these two lie to you? LOL No.

Martin Bartloff’s debut novel Torn from Normal is a riveting tale that captivates readers of all ages. Set on the eastern seaboard of the United States, the book’s main character, Andy Riley, takes you on a journey that will forever embed him into your heart. A series of heart-wrenching events sadly tear Andy away from all he has ever known. He finally finds the solace he intensely longs for when he befriends another boy and his father; characters who will also endear you as you travel with them through the course of a summer. As you read, you will find that the book ingeniously draws you into its pages and refuses to let you go until you have turned the very last page; and even then you will find yourself still thinking about Andy and the friends he grew to love.

Suzanne Schott M. Ed.

Martin Bartloff's Torn From Normal is a very moving, very strong story. The catastrophe that is protagonist Andy Riley's life will resonate with his readers, as will the inherent tragedy awaiting secondary characters Danny and Marvin. The characters are believable, especially Danny, an honest and likable young man, and Marvin, the strong father figure you wish you'd had in your own life. Andy Riley, though, is the one to tug at your heart strings, the sad, young boy you'll want to welcome into your home. A quick read, Torn From Normal is a telling reminder that the myth of carefree childhood is exactly that for a lot of the young people in our society: a myth.

By Ophelia Julien.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Final front cover art. "Torn From Normal"

If you all been wondering why I haven't update and posted any new blogs, that's because I've been working very hard on the final cover art (back, front and spine) and the interior layout of the book. Don't worry though, I'm there, just a few minor adjustments.

Above, you see the final front cover art for Torn From Normal

Click the picture to enlarge it for better view. Tell me what you think.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Vote for one, or suggest changes to your favorite

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Thank you everyone for participating. The final version will be posted soon.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Update: Torn From Normal. Where is Andy Riley?

First things first. I want to thank everyone for the comments on the last blog. The daily site hits throughout the last few days was strong and consistent. I keep a close eye on the sitemeter as it is helping me determine what drives people to my site.

Let's cut right through the chase. I promised you the latest updates of Torn From Normal today, and you shall wait no longer.
I'm currently working with my closest friends on the fine-tune of Torn From Normal. As you can see the fonts of my cover are way too small and that was discussed before. There might also be slight changes of the cover. Stay tuned, I will post the final version here this week!!

I'm waiting for my editor and award winning author, J.R.Turner to free up some time, so that we can, one final time, go through the book before print. Don't fret, you'll be holding a print in your hands in a matter of a few weeks. The ebook will come even sooner.

I've contacted the film crew and the book trailer will be filmed in a matter of weeks. My best friend Logan will be playing Andy Riley in the trailer.
There will also be a Youtube video contest with prizes you can win. First place will win cash! You don't wanna miss that do you?

Torn From Normal will be available for purchase at my business location. I will travel the country to sell Andy's story at book events and from the trunk of my car around the country. The first book signing will as planned, take place in the showroom of my Automotive facility in Downtown Hampton, in Virginia. Notice of this event will be in the Daily Press and all my Internet sites.

BTW, check out

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Teens Scenes: Excitement pure, the first car

We all have been there and remember the day we got our first car. Probably the largest purchase or present at that time in life, I remember worrying how to protect it from any harm. As a teen you can hide things under your bed, even get away locking your room to protect your belongings. But if you don't have a garage to your disposal as a teenager, you may encounter some sleepless nights.

I remember all too well the day my friend and I drove to his co-workers house, in my pocket 800 hundred German marks, the price he asked for his 1974 Ford. The man worked for a Ford dealership, the car was in great condition. I was in 7th heaven driving home. I parked across the street on the sidewalk, my mom and my brother came rushing out and together we admired its precious vinyl upholstery and the beautiful lines of the body, sure this had to have been the best car in the world.

My mom and my brother got in the car and we drove around the block, then spontaneously and sudden, decided to go visit my grandma 6 miles away. It was dark when we drove home, I remember loving the lit gauges and armatures.
I had trouble going to sleep that night, I remember sitting up in bed every hours, staring out the window at my newly purchased car.

devastation came 6 months later, when I hit a guardrail on the Autobahn, but, I turned around and fixed the car then enjoyed her for another 6 months. I've had very mixed emotions when I traded with a friend for a newer Volkswagen Golf, but my other brother down in south Germany wanted a Golf and I wanted the car he was willing to trade for a golf. A 1981 Toyota Cressida, loaded with luxury.

Being in the automotive business for many years, I sold hundreds of first cars to teenagers. I feel the excitement. The glare in their in the eyes of young people going on a test drive with them to show the car, then doing the paperwork is always something very special to me. I know how they feel and I always make sure to give them the best service and help.

Share your first car, story in form of comments with us and don't forget to select the "Anonymous" setting to post comments, if you don't already have a google account.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Recovery, aches and changes

I've been in a lot of pain since Sunday. Somehow I pulled a neck muscle, while this wasn't the first time, this time it seemed to get better, then Wednesday it got worse. This morning I could barely get up (hey I am not that old.) Anyhoo, unable to use my right arm, without excruciating pain, I called my chiropractor office this morning. They hooked me up with a quick appointment and by 2pm I walked into their clinic, stiff as a 6ft 2X4. 3:15pm I came out doing cartwheels.

What I really wanted to share with you tonight are some changes to Martin Bartloff's blog. I have been slagging off for way too long as far as my blog goes. For as many hits I get per day, I figured the least I could do is commit and give you a new blog post twice a week.

So here is how it goes: Effective starting Sunday July 5th, There will be a fresh teen-friendly blog posted here every Sunday. Every Sunday will be a new theme and if you like to suggest a topic, feel free to do so in form of a comment. This Sunday's teen-topic will be: A teen and his first car. Anybody, young and old, is welcome to comment and tell about their first car, buying experience, the first ride etc. If you would like to participate and write a topic for our Sundays blog, a story, or something that happen to you, that you like to share. I'm very interested in posting your story. Must be Teen related though.

Effective today, there will be a new blog post every Thursday, regarding news and updates about my debut novel Torn From Normal. This will include everything from release date, cover art to book-tours. I will also blog about my motives and inspirations that led to writing Torn From Normal. There will be book reviews from other authors as well.

Effective now, I would like you to participate in creating a teen-friendly name for this blog. Share your thoughts and ideas in form of a comment or two.

Ooops almost forgot, when commenting, use the "anonymous" setting unless you have a google account, otherwise it won't post the comment.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Endings are new beginnings

There is truly no need to worry about anything. Yesterdays down-pull has not left me paralyzed in any way, or shape. While my five-month journey was a very delightful experience, it has also taught me a valuable lesson. We all have our own vision of our work and to me that should not be intervened with and influenced by a price tag.

I have never failed in life and archiving my goals, always followed my inner voice and instinct. Today I'm a successful business man with no regrets, or financial worries. To me that is like gold and the prove to follow that inner voice for the rest of my life.

I felt much like a puppet in the last three weeks, like some fake, driven by forces not in my control. It is important to me to stand up for who I am, not let cooperate America control my dreams and goals for the sake of better sales. When your work is influenced and attached to a price tag, it is vulnerable for failure.

Not all of us are followers, I'm not a follower and I need to continue to let my wings expand in the directions aimed at.

I would also like to acknowledge the support and friendship of my fellow authors. I thank you all for your very kind messages and emails. I have not forgotten about you and you will hear back from me soon.