Thursday, July 9, 2009

Update: Torn From Normal. Where is Andy Riley?

First things first. I want to thank everyone for the comments on the last blog. The daily site hits throughout the last few days was strong and consistent. I keep a close eye on the sitemeter as it is helping me determine what drives people to my site.

Let's cut right through the chase. I promised you the latest updates of Torn From Normal today, and you shall wait no longer.
I'm currently working with my closest friends on the fine-tune of Torn From Normal. As you can see the fonts of my cover are way too small and that was discussed before. There might also be slight changes of the cover. Stay tuned, I will post the final version here this week!!

I'm waiting for my editor and award winning author, J.R.Turner to free up some time, so that we can, one final time, go through the book before print. Don't fret, you'll be holding a print in your hands in a matter of a few weeks. The ebook will come even sooner.

I've contacted the film crew and the book trailer will be filmed in a matter of weeks. My best friend Logan will be playing Andy Riley in the trailer.
There will also be a Youtube video contest with prizes you can win. First place will win cash! You don't wanna miss that do you?

Torn From Normal will be available for purchase at my business location. I will travel the country to sell Andy's story at book events and from the trunk of my car around the country. The first book signing will as planned, take place in the showroom of my Automotive facility in Downtown Hampton, in Virginia. Notice of this event will be in the Daily Press and all my Internet sites.

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