Thursday, July 2, 2009

Recovery, aches and changes

I've been in a lot of pain since Sunday. Somehow I pulled a neck muscle, while this wasn't the first time, this time it seemed to get better, then Wednesday it got worse. This morning I could barely get up (hey I am not that old.) Anyhoo, unable to use my right arm, without excruciating pain, I called my chiropractor office this morning. They hooked me up with a quick appointment and by 2pm I walked into their clinic, stiff as a 6ft 2X4. 3:15pm I came out doing cartwheels.

What I really wanted to share with you tonight are some changes to Martin Bartloff's blog. I have been slagging off for way too long as far as my blog goes. For as many hits I get per day, I figured the least I could do is commit and give you a new blog post twice a week.

So here is how it goes: Effective starting Sunday July 5th, There will be a fresh teen-friendly blog posted here every Sunday. Every Sunday will be a new theme and if you like to suggest a topic, feel free to do so in form of a comment. This Sunday's teen-topic will be: A teen and his first car. Anybody, young and old, is welcome to comment and tell about their first car, buying experience, the first ride etc. If you would like to participate and write a topic for our Sundays blog, a story, or something that happen to you, that you like to share. I'm very interested in posting your story. Must be Teen related though.

Effective today, there will be a new blog post every Thursday, regarding news and updates about my debut novel Torn From Normal. This will include everything from release date, cover art to book-tours. I will also blog about my motives and inspirations that led to writing Torn From Normal. There will be book reviews from other authors as well.

Effective now, I would like you to participate in creating a teen-friendly name for this blog. Share your thoughts and ideas in form of a comment or two.

Ooops almost forgot, when commenting, use the "anonymous" setting unless you have a google account, otherwise it won't post the comment.


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