Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Murderisation at my house every night

I got a big problem. Lately here I've been wondering what happened to those annoying Turtle doves that were driving me insane every morning. For some reason they have been quiet, almost none existent anymore.

I'm not that lucky though. About two weeks ago it became apparent, why the turtle doves hang low. In the tree directly in my yard, two humongous Blue-Heron have nested. The sight of those sitting on rooftops in the far distance has always given me the chills as they look like something out of Jurassic Park. Don't be fooled by that picture I took, Heron's are big with a long neck.

Now they are in the tree, just ten feet away from the upstairs-front windows of our house.
I've been told they nest near water, well I guess my pool counts. However, they supposed to eat fish and that is why, I was told, they nest near water.

Every night around 1am I awake from a semi sleep because some animal screams for its life, then shortly after you can see the Heron return to the nest. They got a crazy wingspan, makes you wanna run the other way.

Tonight was extreme, which is why I'm still awake and ultimately re-booting my PC to write this blog. About 40 minutes ago, just as I was getting ready for bed, this animal-attack like scream for its life sound came from the direction of our garage roof. It was either a cat or a squirrel that was being murderized. The sound was horrifying--all dogs in the neighborhood barked up a storm.

There is no light near my garage, yet I stepped on our back porch--trying to intervene with mother nature and save whatever was being killed. The sound of the attack was so intense and horrifying, the houses bordering my property started to come alive with lights. No one however, dared to come outside.

Sudden doubts of the Heron causing this massacre had me scared to death. I turned in the house quickly and slammed the door--locking it with extra care. The struggle lasted 10 long minutes then it was quiet and the Heron's returned to the nest.

I can't wait for daybreak to see if the roof of my garage is covered in blood and remainings of something that lived in my backyard.

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  1. Oh my goodness. Your neighbors may have called the police. They might think its you screaming! Someone might come to investigate but they probably would have been there by now. I hope you get some sleep after all of that!